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Deadline for Income Renewal (Reverification) of Payment Plans Extended to At Least September 2024

The deadline for borrowers to review their income to stay on their income repayment plans (IDR) has also been extended for borrowers whose loans are covered by a repayment break. First time borrowers with these types of loans will need to update their income and family size through their September 2024 IDR.

Typically borrowers enrolled in income-driven repayment plans, such as the LONGA program, must review their income and family size annually to stay in their plan. This is called a reauthorization, and it usually happens every year around the anniversary of when the borrower first enrolled in their IDR program. As a result, the deadline for recertification is different for every borrower

Due to the COVID-19 Payment Moratorium, the requirement to re-approve each year has been temporarily suspended for all defaulted loans. The payment break ended on September 1, 2023. Previously, the Department of Education announced that borrowers whose loans are covered by the payment break will not have to be reapproved before March 1, 2024.

However, the Ministry of Education has recently announced that it is extending the deadline to help borrowers who return to repayment. Now, all borrowers whose loans were suspended during the pandemic and who are already enrolled in the IDR program will have until at least September 2024 to review their income and family size.

How do I know when I need to re-verify?

Borrowers can usually find their official recertification date on their student aid portal at, or by asking their staff member. Additionally, borrowers should expect to receive a reminder from their staff about 2 to 3 months before their re-approval is due. Direct Loan borrowers with a recertification date before November 2024 should expect that date to be extended to at least November 1, 2024, if not later. As explained below, you must submit your documents in at least 10 days before your revalidation date to avoid negative results.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Reconfirm

Knowing roughly when your certification will be due is helpful, but don’t wait until your exact certification date to get your paperwork. The official date of reauthorization can be misleading because it is the date the employee must use; Borrowers are usually required to submit their online or paper certification form properly before the date of reconsideration is “in time.”

You are done a reauthorization form is usually required 35 days before your official approval date. If you miss this deadline, your next pay statement may not show your new income information, but you can still stay in the program as long as you submit your form 10 days before your recertification deadline. If you miss this deadline, your monthly payment may suddenly increase. In some programs, missing a deadline may result in complete expulsion from the program.

The Department provides this example:
“It says your IDR anniversary date is Nov. 1, 2024. You will first hear from your employer about reauthorization in August 2024. Then your income information will be available on September 25, 2024, which is the latest you can submit your information. will be on October 22, 2024, before you are included in the General Recovery Program.”

What to Do If You Miss Your Certification Deadline

If you miss the deadline, don’t panic, but act quickly: contact your employer, submit your salary documents immediately so that your monthly payments can be recalculated, and ask for temporary patience if you cannot pay your monthly expenses. current bills until your monthly payments are recalculated.

Most borrowers can also verify online. For more information about reauthorization, see here.

What happens if my employer tells me I have to re-certify (or sometime before September 2024)?

Before the Department announced the change, some borrowers received messages from loan service providers telling them they should re-approve in February or March 2024. If that happens to you and you have a direct loan or other debt that has been paid off, you will. being able to stay on your IDR schedule even if you miss the deadline your employee told you. If your payment has increased – perhaps because you missed the deadline or you recertified on time but your income was higher – the Department said it will refund your monthly payment to the amount you paid each month until your new recertification deadline. If you’re already insured and your payment goes down, you’ll be able to keep your new, lower monthly payment amount for now.

If you have problems with your loan servicer that you cannot resolve, lodge a complaint with the FSA Ombudsman.

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